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Alas Kedaton Temple & Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton Temple or also well know as Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, located in Tabanan regency, Kutuh village in district of Marga. The temple can be reach by 60 minutes drive from Kuta about 25km to the northwest. Alas kedaton easily accessible from the main road, the temple open from 9am to 6pm for visitors. Once entrance the temple area you will be welcome by hundreds of tame grey long tailed macaques which is playing in group around the temple area. You are free for taking picture during your sightseeing in the temple and during your tour around the forest you will be accompany by one of local guide who will assist you and give information about the temple. In back area of the temple there is another attraction by local people who doing a bat show. You will be invited to taking a picture while holding gigantic fruit bat. The perfect time visiting the temple is in the afternoon and your visit can be combine with Taman Ayun or Tanah Lot Temple. The forest that surrounding the temple has width about six to seven hectare in the midle of rice field with a big tress that provide a natural view and fresh air create a holy atmosphere for all the people who visit this temple. Same as all Hindu temples around the Island, Alas Kedaton Temple also divided into three yard outer yard, middle yard and inner yard as praying area when a ceremony held in the temple. Back in parking area you will go through the souvenir shops is owned by the ladies who accompany tourist during the sightseeing in the temple. They will invite you to their shop, if you interesting you can stop to see what they selling and try to practice your bargaining skill with local seller.

History of Alas kedaton Temple  :

Base on ancient script Alas Kedaton Temple was built by Mpu Kuturan the Hindu high priest during the reign The King Sri Masula Masuli who hold the throne in 1100 Caka (1178AD). Based on inscription  of Sading's Village, also explained  The King Sri Masula - Masuli ruledBali island for 77 years, he hold the throne by the end of year Saka 1177 or 1255 AD. Base on position of the Alas Kedaton Temple facing to the west and the temple has 4 gates as entrances and exit gate.  No like other Balinese Hindu temple that we can find around theIsland, Alas Kedaton has uniqueness on temple yard which is the position of inner yard (utama Mandala) has lower level compare to middle yard (madya manadala). If we refer to other inscription that exist, which is Usana Bali , the Alas Kedaton Temple has function as the holy place to pray for Balinese Hindu in the Island and surrounding areas. During the ceremony that conducted regularly every six month or 210 days on Balinese calendar, the ceremony will be held during day time and must be finished before 6pm (sunset time). And other unique things, unlike other temple ceremony in Bali the ceremony in Alas Kedaton Temple not using the Incense stick, kwangen (kind of praying flowers),  Penjor decoration (bamboo pool decorated by coconut leaf symbol of the dragon). Inside the temple foound some artifact such as, Lingga Yoni's statue the symbol of God of Shiva,  The sculpture of Durga Mahisasura Mardhani with 8 arms and standing on an ox and The statue of God Ganesh in position sitting  on lotus flower and two dragons.

Entrance Ticket/Donation  :

  • Entrance Fee IDR 30,000/Person (Foreign)
  • Entrance Fee IDR 15,000/Person (Domestic)
  • Parking Fee IDR 5,000/Car
  • Local Guide will be accompany without additional charge (gratuity is optional)

Closest Place of Interest :

  • Taman Ayun Royal Family Temple ( 8 Km)
  • Tanah Lot Temple (17 Km)
  • Bedugul Botanical Garden (34 Km) 
  • Ulundanu Beratan Temple (36 Km)

Tips & Information  :

  • Alas Kedaton temple open for visitor from 09:00 - 18:00.
  • To entering Alas Kedaton ne need a sarong or sash.
  • Do not wearing a singlet
  • Do not try to touch the monkey
  • If you interest to feeding the monkey, please asking the guide assistance.
  • Be careful of your loose belonging (glasses , hat ), in some time the monkey try to grab it.

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Alas Kedaton
Alas Kedatn Bali