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Bali Ogoh - Ogoh Parade

Bali Ogoh Ogoh Festival is yearly festival in Bali Island, its held to celebrate Ngerupuk day, one day before Nyepi or Bali silent day. Ogoh Ogoh is kind of giant puppets made from woven bamboo or nowadays Balinese made it from styrofoam. Ogoh Ogoh made in form of mythological beings most the demons or the beast. But now we can see Ogoh Ogoh made in many kind of forms, especially for the young Balinese made in various character that mostly inspired by Hindu stories or philosophy.

Balinese made the Ogoh Ogoh and do the festival in purpose to purify the human environment form the negative energy from the bad or evils spirits to reduce the negative things happen to human life. Balinese people believed by Ogoh - Ogoh festival it can help to calming down the bad energy spiritual way in order to have the peaceful feeling to all human being especially the Balinese people.

The Ogoh Ogoh festival start by the sun goes down, Balinese believed its time when the spirits coming out and join the festival. The Ogoh Ogoh normally built stand on a pad timber and bamboos, than a group of peoples will carried the Ogoh Ogoh on their shoulder. Once other group start to playing the traditional instrument called gamelan bleganjur, the Ogoh- Ogoh will start their move by shaking the bamboos pads make it the OgohOgoh come alive. Its the most attracting moment when the ogoh goes around the village with many people join by carrying a small torch made from bamboo. In every junction the people will going crazy by moving the Ogoh Ogoh harder and rotated counter the clockwise for three rotation, represents the contact of the bodies with spirits which come along. By the end of the parade the Ogoh – Ogoh will be burn in junction or grave yard, it is intended to make the evil spirits burn together and not harming the human life.


The Ogoh - Ogoh Festival is a free festival and local people very welcome if tourist want to join the parade. So please prepare your  camera to taking any moment of the parade that very interesting. There is no fixed date for the Ogoh-Ogoh festival every year, but it must be one day before the Nyepi Silent Day.

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Bali Ogoh Ogoh


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