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Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple located at Batuan village is situated 15 kilometres from Denpasar, where the local people live in and spend their daily life While a local person lives an everyday life, this private house is living. The name “Batuan” or “Baturan” mentioned here prompts villagers to joke about being “tough as stone” or “eating rocks” — as batu means “stone” in Balinese. In a certain private house, form is the same anywhere in Bali. It comprises several buildings, the east building is used to make offerings, and the south building will be a kitchen. The west building is commonly used for the parent’s room, and the north building is the children rooms or used as the place of the offerings. However, Hindu people in Bali build their temple in northeast in the area of the house, called family temple, and they make offerings everyday. The city water is not pulled still more. In addition, I wash it, and bathing is performed entirely in a river. The gas is not used for the kitchen either and they put firewood and make a fire.

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Pure Dalem Batuan
Batuan Temple